Ike GPS Spike Laser Measuring Device for Smartphone 940-2300
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Spike S for smartphones.


The Spike device, Spike mobile app, Spike Cloud and your smartphone work together to change the way measurements are taken and shared. Spike allows you to measure an object simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet. From that photo you can capture real time measurements, using the Spike mobile app or cloud-based tools, including height, width, area, length and target location. Measurements and location are saved with the picture and can be exported as a JPG, PDF, Spike File (XML) and KMZ. Spike also supports design, architecture/engineering/construction, and GIS software, including Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123 for ArcGIS, AutoCAD, ARCHICAD, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Flexi.


The Spike device pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Spike’s laser rangefinder works together with your tablet's camera, GPS, compass and Internet connection. Spike for Smartphones comes with a quick-release clamp for easily taking on and off smartphones.


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