Sabre 408 w/T-Vac 115V w/O Motor - Gerber P69359A
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Sabreª Routers

Sabreª Routers


GERBER SABRE routers are ideally suited for dimensional sign making, woodworking, and parts fabrication applications. SABRE routing systems offer high-speed letter and graphic design routing along with dependability, flexibility, ease of use, and minimal maintenance. Increase capacity while reducing customer lead times with the Gerber SABRE. Combine the SABRE with Gerber's top of the line router bits for a complete automated routing solution.


Superior lead-screw drive                       Accurate tolerances, minimal maintenance and no lubrication


Multi-size platforms                                   Accommodates individual sign shops


Aluminum construction                            Lighter weight and more rigid than steel


Paneling (long-sign mode)                       Route seamless signs of unlimited length from a continuous sheet


Superior Z-axis depth control                 Accurately route to the table surface without cutting the table


Cut to mask accuracy                              Precisely route to material mask for securing small shapes


T-VAC slotted vacuum table                   Use vacuum, clamps or both
to hold down material to table


Patented material hold-down                  Maintains material flatness and collects debris to ensure a clean work surface


Open architecture                                      Supports a variety of file formats



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