Pizazz Brass - Satin Chrome - Medium 5/8" D 4-Pack

Item Number: PMM0451
Manufacturer Item Number: 0451
Manufacturer: Pizazz Marketing


        • Product: Multi-Mounts
        • Style: Brass Range
        • Size: Medium


        $26.07 / PACK

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        Pizazz Multi-Mount “D” parts

        “D” parts for the multi-mounts offer the option to extend the length of the A parts. D parts can also be used to secure an additional panel between the A parts and the D parts. This facility gives designers new options to achieve creative solutions involving multi layering of materials, textures, colors and other effects such as having some panels offset from others.

        “D” parts are available in packages of 4 (S, M, L) packs of 2 (Xl, XXL) or 50 (all sizes) and in the same colors and materials to match the standard multi-mounts.

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