12/30 120v PoweRLink

Item Number: ME1201200030
Manufacturer Item Number: ME-120-12000-30
Manufacturer: HLN


        • Secondary Voltage: 12,000
        • Milliamp / Primary Voltage: 30ma NPF 120 Volt


        • High power factor and low electromagnetic disturbance measuring up to EMC and LVD IEC standards.
        • Built-in output over voltage or overload protection.
        • With pull-chain switch and IEC standard plug, easy to install, excellent for small neon signs.
        • No mercury migration or "jelly-bean" effect

        You don’t need to deal with hassles when it comes to transformers anymore. This indoor window transformer features a pull-chain switch and IEC standard plug, making it as easy to install as it will be to maintain. It’s ideal for use with the neon signs that your business needs to make itself known to customers in your neighborhood! Compliant with EMC and LVD IEC standards, it features overload protection, won’t ever cause mercury migration and other perks that will make using your neon sign easier then ever before.

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