406/19 Acrylic Adhesive Lord-Pak Cx (380ml Cart) 3003676

Item Number: LO40619CX
Manufacturer Item Number: 3021011
Manufacturer: Lord Adhesives Corp.


        • Type: 2-Part Adhesive Systems
        • Product: Acrylic


        $77.97 / EA
        $935.64 / CASE
        ($77.97 / EA)

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        LORD acrylic adhesives are versatile and can be used with a wide range of materials, including minimally prepared or unprepared metal surfaces. LORD 400  series acrylic adhesives carry the distinction of bonding the largest variety of material in the world.

        LORD acrylic adhesives are not limited to metal applications; they also bond plastics and ceramics, thermoplastics like polypropylene and ABS, and thermoset products like fiberglass, sheet molded compounds (SMC) and fiber reinforced plastics (FRP).

        LORD acrylic adhesives are two-part systems that use accelerators to cure.  There are a number of no-mix and mix-in LORD accelerators. 

        Features & Benefits

        • Resist severe environmental conditions
        • Bond with minimal surface preparation
        • Bond oily metal alloys with little preparation
        • Offer fast cure at room temperature
        • Are easy to use and offer a convenient, no-mix feature
        • Have 100% reactive formulations to meet VOC regulations


          • FRP
          • SMC
          • Plastics
          • Unprimed metals


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