7328 White .177"x48"x96" Acrylic Masked-2 Sides

Item Number: CC7328R2M
Manufacturer Item Number: 7328 48X96X.177"PM
Manufacturer: Marga-Cipta


        • Size: 4 X 8
        • Color: White
        • Thickness: 3/16"
        • Acrylic Type: Cell Cast


        Cast Acrylic Sheet

        MC is the brand name of the general purpose cell cast acrylic sheet manufactured by PT. Margacipta. The raw material, methyl methacrylate (MMA) is polymerized into MC cast acrylic sheet. MC cast acrylic sheet is produced in batches between two sheets of superior quality glass. The finished product offers strength and superior top qualities not available in other types acrylic sheet.

        The MC Value Proposition

                 Resilient, Easy to Handle and Fabricate

                 Superior Optical Quality

                 High End Raw Material Only No Re-Grind or Recycled Raw Material

                 Strict compliance with ASTM D-4802 & L-P-391D Standards

                 Superior Thickness Tolerance Achieved Through Proprietary Production Procedures

                 Heat Thermoformable PE and Paper Masking options

                 Protective Palletizing and Bracing for Safe Transport



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