F64T12CW/HO 800ma Fluorescent Lamp HO Cool White 64"

Item Number: 64CWHO
Manufacturer Item Number: 16588
Manufacturer: Voltarc Technologies


        • Lamp Type: Fluorescent Lamps
        • Diameter/Socket: T12 High Output
        • Color: Cool White

        $9.60 / EA
        $144.00 / CASE
        ($9.60 / EA)

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        T-12 800 Milliamp High Output Lamps
        PHILIPS T12 Fluorescent Lamps provide high performance and long life in a wide range of sizes and types.
        Full wattages - will start at - 20°F.
        • Argon gas filled - does not shiver at temperatures below 60°F.
        • Cool white and daylight color.
        • National Energy Policy Act (EPACT) - meets EPACT's exemption for cold temperature application only.
        Approximate initial lumens are for 800 ma. operation. For 1000 ma. operation, lumens are approximately 10% higher and watts approximately 15% higher.
        • Econ-o-watt® lamps are only recommended for use on high power factor lead, indoor ballasts that meet ANSI standards. The lamps are not recommended for use in drafty areas, or locations where the ambient temperature is less than 60°F, except as noted. Also they should not be operated on low power factor ballasts, reduced light or reduced current ballasts, dimming ballasts or emergency system inverter ballasts.
        • Rated average life under specified test conditions with lamps turned off and restarted no more frequently than once every 3 operating hours. Lamp life is appreciably longer if lamps are started less frequently.
        • Approximate Initial Lumens. The lamp lumen output is based upon lamp performance after 100 hours of operating life, when the output is measured during operation on a reference ballast under standard laboratory conditions.
        • For expected lamp lumen output, commercial ballast manufacturers can advise the appropriate Ballast Factor for each of their ballasts when they are informed of the designated lamp. The Ballast Factor is a multiplier applied to the designated lamp lumen output.
        • Design Lumens are the approximate lamp lumen output at 40% of the lamp's Rated Average Life. This output is based upon measurements obtained during lamp operation on a reference ballast under standard laboratory conons.

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