10-15/30 France Servicemaster Enformer 120v 15030 P5KA2NG-2UE

Item Number: 15030P5KA2NG2U
Manufacturer Item Number: 38877
Manufacturer: France Manufacturing Co.


        • Secondary Voltage: Multi-Volt
        • Milliamp / Primary Voltage: 30ma NPF 120 Volt


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        •True 30mA & 60mA - The service master can replace 8 ratings
        •Ready to Mount. Step Plate eliminates double nutting.
        •Diagnostic Circuit - LED indicates the reason for service, allowing for quick, easy troubleshooting
        •Service Button - For easy troubleshooting of ground faults and primary wiring problems. Overrides the SCGFP for up 30 minutes
        •Auto Reset - After secondary ground fault, automatically attempts to reset three times within ten seconds. Manual reset possible at any time, by disconnecting primary power.
        •Secondary Circuti Ground Fault Protection - (SCGFP) Disables unit upon detection of arcs to ground in compliance with UL2161 and NEC requirements.
        •Easy Wiring Methods - Virtual Ground and Series Wiring Methods
        •User Friendly - Adapts to most grounding situations.
        •Can be used in flashing/dimming applications

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