10-15/30 France ServiceMaster 120v 15030 P5G-2UE

Item Number: 15030P5G2UE
Manufacturer Item Number: 38823
Manufacturer: France Manufacturing Co.


        • Secondary Voltage: Multi-Volt
        • Milliamp / Primary Voltage: 30ma NPF 120 Volt


        More functionality, quick and easy troubleshooting, and easy wiring methods are just three of the reasons why this transformer is unlike any you've used before. Ready to mount, it has true 30mA and 60mA and a service master that can replace 8 ratings, making it uniquely versatile at this price point. With perks including a LED warning light for service needs, a service button, and auto-rest, it's ideal for those who don't want to be burdened with a counterintuitive model. Able to be used for most grounding situations, it's incredibly user friendly.

        •True 30mA & 60mA - The service master can replace 8 ratings
        •Ready to Mount. Step Plate eliminates double nutting.
        •Diagnostic Circuit - LED indicates the reason for service, allowing for quick, easy troubleshooting
        •Service Button - For easy troubleshooting of ground faults and primary wiring problems. Overrides the SCGFP for up 30 minutes
        •Auto Reset - After secondary ground fault, automatically attempts to reset three times within ten seconds. Manual reset possible at any time, by disconnecting primary power.
        •Secondary Circuti Ground Fault Protection - (SCGFP) Disables unit upon detection of arcs to ground in compliance with UL2161 and NEC requirements.
        •Easy Wiring Methods - Virtual Ground and Series Wiring Methods
        •User Friendly - Adapts to most grounding situations.
        •Can be used in flashing/dimming applications


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