WF 375 Matte 50"x50' Smart Banner Vinyl 3604
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  • Size: 50"
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3604 SMART Banner Vinyl WF 375 matte

Light and flexible vinyl banner with a smooth print surface. WeatherPro certified. Designed for indoor and outdoor use. Compatible with broad range of inkjet printers, thermal and piezo, dye and pigment inks. Waterfast with pigment inks. 15 mil thick, polyester scrim sandwiched between two vinyl layers. Good tear resistance, but not as strong as 3942. Good opacity, but less than 3942 and 3960.

Free hanging indoor/outdoor banners. Can be hung by grommets on the corners, or by 'pocketing' the top and bottom by sewing or use of double-sided tape. WeatherPro coating designed for high ink limit, excellent white point, and good scratch resistance without lamination. Waterfast with pigment inks. Won't crack, fade or peel outdoors, without lamination, (min) three months. Lamination or spray overcoat recommended for outdoor use of longer duration or in applications susceptible to dirt or abrasion. When using printers equipped with 'on board' cutters, cutter mechanism
should be disabled due to the high tensile strength of the scrim vinyl substrate. Our lowest cost scrim vinyl banner - pay less and still get superior strength and exceptional image quality.

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